World Patch | 11/21/18

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    World Map Update


    Welcome to the latest update to Zeus’ Battlegrounds. The Arena limited time mode has concluded and we appreciate the feedback. The world map has returned along with the additional game modes.

    Gameplay Updates

    • Fixed an issue with game menu settings not saving.
    • Fixed an issue with dodge where players could repeatedly parry and attack causing the character to look like it was gaining multiple attacks.
    • Added a key binding for dodge that will be affected by the character directional input.
    • Fixed an issue where players might be able to dodge multiple times while tapping quickly.
    • Fixed issue where arrow would not display when bow/crossbow is pulled.
    • Increased loot spawn points in arena.

    We appreciate the feedback and support you have given us. We continue to work on improving the game. Have a great week and see you in game!


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