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    Hello fellow Demigods(bangers)! Pink Taco (inflameZ) here, currently the #1 ranked Zeus’ Battlegrounds player. Here's my guide to (Early Access) ZB's also known as (KNOWLEDGE BOMB!)

    My years of gaming experience shared to help new players get a quick start in an awesome game that I believe is the next big thing! Remember: game hard and have fun. With that being said, check it out, and of course shout out to Industry Games for a bada$$ game! Everything in this guide is subject to change with patches. Keep that in mind! Last thing, throughout this video when you see text pop up, pause the video read the information, and then observe what you just read about. Enjoy.

    Key binds
    Default Binds- 1-3 are weapon slots (1 melee, 2 bolt spells, 3 bow), 4- throwing weapon, 5- orb (grenade), 6- potions, 7- god's gift (ultimate) H- cycle potions, G- Cycle Ammunition.

    I'd highly recommend putting your cycle ammo bind, and your speed potion bind on your mouse, and moving your God's Gift bind to R. I cycle my potions with E and the rest I use the default key binds. Cycling your ammo will cycle your orbs, arrows, bolts, and even potions. Shift to sprint. Home is your default key for auto-run. Tab is the default key to open your inventory.

    I will now give you what I consider the current "Meta" build as far as equipment in the game. Quotes indicate strongest for the slot.

    Meta build- slot 1- 2hander (any but spear) / slot 2- bolts (frost or fire) / slot 3-bow (explosive arrow) / slot4- javelin or hatchet / slot5- orb (fire)/slot 6- potions / slot-7 God's Gift (Zeus/Athena).

    Looting- Individual items on the ground can be picked up with your F key. They will automatically equip when you pick them up with this method.
    Pressing Tab to loot is highly recommended for picking up equipment out of chest and graves. You can press tab and simply double click any items to equip them or add stackables into your inventory in your vicinity. You can right click items in your inventory to drop them onto the ground.
    Be careful to not drop your elixirs on the ground due to a full inventory via double clicking. Green < Blue < Purple < Golden (Same loot system as world of warcraft). Do not bother looking at stats of the items, loot purely based on color. You can drag and drop extra bows into your inventory and then right click to drop them to receive 5 arrows. This is very essential to get your stacks of arrows at the early game.

    There are 3 ring types in the game. Rings - 10% damage, 5% movement, silent movement (damage and movement speed being the strongest).

    Health Potion- 4 seconds to consume (cannot move while drinking), gives 50 health.
    Rejuvenation Potion- 2 seconds to consume (cannot move while drinking), regenerates health slowly for the next minute (great to do before engagements).
    Sprint Potion- Instantly consumed (can drink while moving) increases movement speed for the next 20 seconds.

    In Zeus Battlegrounds there are 3 different elements that you will use to your advantage with bolt spells, orbs, and arrows. Here is a brief description.

    (Bolts)- All are instant cast with a travel time.
    Fire Bolts- They do crazy damage and a small dot is attached.
    Frost Bolts- They do mediocre damage, but drastically slow the targets movement which is great for pushing melee or even just staying ranged as it makes it easier to aim.
    Lightning Bolts- They do mediocre damage unless the target is naked, they are used for their crowd control effect mainly, which can knock targets up, away, or back into you when aimed properly.

    (Orbs)- All require holding them down for a split second to throw them, and also have an arc in their throw.
    Fire Orbs- Do minimal damage upon impact but ignite the area in flames for a few seconds that will ravage a player if they are in the flames past impact. (can hurt caster)
    Frost Orbs- Do zero damage on impact but cause an area of effect slow.
    Lightning Orbs- Do zero damage but are used for their knock back effect. You can use these to reset fights, gain distance between or on enemies, and
    are unquestionably the strongest utility item within the game

    (Arrows)- All require knocking, crossbows knock slower than regular bows, however, have less arc in the arrow trajectory.
    Fire Arrows- Do 125% arrow damage and can be shot next to a target to aoe the damage into them. (Do not require direct hit)
    Frost Arrows- Do 100% arrow damage and drastically slow the targets movement.
    Lightning Arrows- Do 100% arrow damage and will aoe any surrounding targets. (Do require direct hit) Great for killing mounts and hitting the rider
    as the same time.

    0_1540328871942_god gifts.png
    God Gifts
    (God's Gifts)- 1 1/2 minute cooldown on use for all of them.
    Athena’s- You become invisible for 20 seconds and can consume potions and move around. Health potions will cause a puff of smoke when consumed. Great for resetting fights.
    Zeus- You cast around 5 pillars in front of you that do 35 damage per person hit. Each person can only be hit once.
    Ares- You summon a comet from the sky to fall down and aoe deal 35 damage. You can hold down your gift key while aiming and then release when ready. Recommend using this ability quickly.
    Hades- You do an aoe the same size as the Ares gift that sends targets to the Netherworld. Great for resetting a fight or assisting in a fight when outnumbered.
    Poseidon- You summon an aoe storm on top of yourself that slows you and enemies within it. It will cause damage to the enemies as well (good for teams, possibly good for dual wield)

    Do not do damage but can be used for fast travel and to knock enemies back (you can cancel potion consumption or knock them into the red/out of the circle)
    Chariots do the knock back effect but also do damage while doing it. It is essential to kill them before they are on you. 1 Javelin, or 2-4 arrows depending on color
    of your bow will kill mounts or chariots.

    Melee- When in melee combat always hold shift to sprint, and w to run forward. You will hold w+a to swing to the left, and w+d to swing to the right. W by itself will swing overhead and should only
    be used when an enemy is fleeing combat, or not wearing a helmet.
    Archery- When firing archery left click to knock and hold your bow knocked and release the arrow when ready. Right click to zoom in for long shots.
    Parrying- You can "perfect parry" with twohanded, dual wield, orbs, bolts, and 1hand/shield. You must time exactly the moment a projectile or melee attack will hit you and right click to parry. It
    will negate 100% damage and cause the next melee or archery attack to come out slower. You can parry with a 1hand/shield without perfect parrying by holding down right click. It will not negate 100%
    damage however it will negate damage according to the level of shield you have equipped.

    Potion Usage- Try to drink rejuv. potions prior to engagements, and sprint potions as you close in on your target. It is 100% essential to have a sprint potion active while you engage in melee combat,
    and generally good to have them active while even doing ranged combat if possible.

    Throwing Weapons- Require holding down to throw, and I believe the length of holding them down goes in order of tier. Knives are least damage but quickest to throw. Hatchets deal mediocre damage but
    require a little longer before you can throw them. Javelins deal very high damage but require a bit more time before you can throw then than hatchets.

    Health Hamstring- When you get to 25% hp, your character becomes hamstrung and loses 10% movement speed. This is a critical moment in every fight and makes surviving situations rather difficult.

    Starting a match
    Jump off the platform and hold W to go straight above where you want to go. Hold S to drop straight down. To begin a match try landing next to a chest and using the tab key to loot. *You can loot chest via pressing the tab key while you are unable to move due to being in your comet form (dropping animation) *

    Finding essentials quickly before you begin fighting is critical. Try to loot a two-handed weapon, a chest piece, and or a helmet before you do any fighting if possible. A bow or bolts will also help a lot at the
    beginning of the match. The left-hand armor slots in your inventory add a lot more armor than the right slots, so try to get those as quickly as possible.
    At the start of a match enemies are often missing armor pieces, do try to aim for these areas of their body as it will increase the damage drastically.
    You can hear the difference between hitting a target in their armor slot, compared to a naked slot! Try to take fights that you have a good chance to win based off circumstance for a higher success rate.

  • Thanks man.. Maybe you'll stop killing me in game after i learnt how to play this properly ^.^

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