Of Gods and Legions

  • What if Zeus' Battlegrounds' versions of clans and guilds were called Legions, and every Legion pledged themselves to worshipping one of the Greek deities? This may be overcomplicated, but could easily afford some interesting ideas.

    Team-filling and auto-matchmaking could be influenced by the player's Legion and/or their chosen deity, potentially speeding up the process and adding some sense of camaraderie. Large Legions benefit most from this auto-fill benefit, so new players could be set up to auto-join a Legion comprised of new players and players that want to help newbies get accustomed to the game.

    Additionally, a new game mode could be added, called "Clash of Gods" or something like that. The premise of this new mode could be that two Gods/Goddesses call their Legions forth to battle in a massive 50v50 team battle to prove which of them has the better warriors. Instead of starting on Zeus' platform, players could potentially start on one of two platforms with the god/goddess they're fighting for.

    • To help combat loot-starving, chests could be placed by the throne (like the one Zeus sits upon) that provide players with gifts like complementary set of Legionnaire's armor (not including gloves, bracers, or belts) and a common weapon (including the Legionnaire Shield). These chests would function similarly to temple chests, only instead of gifting god powers they gift equipment.
    • The game would otherwise proceed just like regular battle royale, though maybe the zone reduction timers should be shortened as a way of the two feuding gods trying to weed out the weak or coax their followers into giving their all. This part is debatable, but you could explain any choices here rather easily - especially since players can choose to get a head start with free gear.
    • Each match win will be recorded, and at the end of a given period of time (a day, three days, a week, whatever) the two gods will stop fighting and a victor will be announced. Glory to the god that wins, and shame to the one that loses! After a break, another two gods will start feuding again, and the cycle continues.
    • This could make this mode a little more special, by not always being active. Weekends should be prioritized in this case, as those are often the most high-traffic periods of the week.
    • Potentially available gods could be Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, Athena, Nemesis, and Artemis. Zeus could either be off limits, as he is the chief deity, or the default selected god.

    I'll probably be editing this idea as I think on it. Parts of this idea - generally the idea of Legions themselves and the matchmaking auto-fill enhancements - were first put forward by other members of the Zeus' Battlegrounds Discord, I'm just putting it all up on here with the addition of my own ideas. Feedback is appreciated, but you can also take what you want from this idea to fuel your own if you so please.

    I hope you all enjoyed the idea, and have a good day!

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    Such a creative idea 😄

    I myself am a fan of large team games, such as two teams of 50. A melee-focused war? Count me in.

  • Really? Well, thanks! I have some other ideas that I might post, but I'm going to be taking some more time for those.

    And, as of this reply, I have edited my main post to enhance formatting and better separate what ideas are more my own and which are more from the community discord. I'll probably do another pass when I make another edit.

  • A section of the forums titled Legions should be created for players to create dedicated threads for their legion.

    The thread title would obviously be the legion name. The thread could contain a roster of members in a hierarchical structure possibly, something like this:

    --------------------------------Legion Name-----------------------------

    Supreme Commander:

    • PlayerName


    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName


    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName


    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName
    • PlayerName

    Other features of a legion thread could be requirements to join:

    • Possible Requirements: Amount of wins, mic, Discord, TS, Skype

    Next would be an application template:

    • Ex. Application

    Games Played/Wins:
    In-game strengths:
    In-game weaknesses:

    • Could also have legion battle history (I haven't thought of how the battle would work but for the sake of an example lets say its first team to win 3 matches against the other.):

    10/17/18 - Our Legion vs Theirs, 3 - 1, Win | 10/19/18 - Our Legion vs Theirs, 2 - 3 Loss | ...

    Rosters of course could be as big as the leadership of a legion wants as the whole roster doesn't have to participate in every battle.

    Threads would of course end up being formatted and personalized with graphics for a specific legion.

  • That's a pretty good idea, and would make sense as an avenue for Legion recruitment. This would more than likely occur regardless, whether on some random subforum or on another website, so I can definitely see a reason to add a dedicated subforum for it. If the Zeus Battlegrounds forum could get more active than it currently is, that'd definitely be a good idea for relative ease of access.

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