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    Check here first if you need help!

    Below are steps to fix the most common issues.

    1) Steam

    Restart Steam
    Zeus' Battlegrounds is patched regularly. Depending on when your Steam session started you may need to prompt Steam to update the Zeus client. If you get an incorrect version page(doesn't match server) this should fix it for you.

    1. Close Steam and reopen it. To close Steam, make sure it is fully shut down via Task Manager (End Task).
    2. Open Steam again and a download will be prompted if there is an update.

    Verify Integrity of Game Files
    Files may become missing or deleted over time. To ensure you have all files needed for the game

    1. Open your Steam Library
    2. Right Click on Zeus' Battlegrounds and select Properties
    3. Select the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files...

    2) Windows
    Windows updates often and those updates can affect the performance of Zeus' Battlegrounds. It is important to keep Windows up to date. To do so,

    1. Search Windows Update (in Windows Search bar) and Check for Updates
    2. For older versions of Windows you may need to open the Sytem & Security folder first, then select Windows Update.

    3) Graphics Drivers
    Zeus' Battlegrounds is a graphically intensive game. Current drivers are critical to maintaining your video cards performance with the game. nVidia and AMD have applications that can manage this for you.

    1. NVIDIA driver support can be found here
    2. AMD driver support can be found here

    If you have tried all of these or if your issue is unrelated to these topics please post your information in a new thread with the following information included.

    Issue Date:
    Description of Issue:
    Be as specific as possible (including steps to reproduce).
    System Information:
    Operating System:
    Graphics Card (Be Specific):
    CPU (Be Specific):
    RAM :
    Steps Taken to Fix (If Any):
    Provide any information regarding steps you have taken to solve the problem.

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